How to move from one mutual fund platform to another

You just need to stop the existing SIP, import the CAS statement to the new platform and restart the SIP there under the same folio number


There are 2 ways to hold mutual funds. One in the demat form and another in physical (rematerialized) format. The method of transfer will vary depending on the form that your mutual funds are stored in.

Transfer Procedure📇

Demat Mutual Fund transfer 🚧

Please follow the steps mentioned in here since transferring of Mutual fund in demat form is done in the same way.

Rematerialized mutual fund transfer 💻

Since the mutual fund are handled by the fund house, you don’t need to ‘transfer the fund’. To see the funds in the platform of your choice, you need to

  1. Stop the SIP if you have any in your existing platform

  2. Go to the platform of your choice and select import folio

  3. You will then be taken to the CAMS / KFintech site where you need to enter the requested details

  4. You will receive a CAS (Consolidated account Statement) in your email shortly

  5. Depending on the platform and the access permission given, you will either have to forward the mail to the mail ID specified by the platform or they will automatically fetch it from your email.

  6. You now can select the existing folio for SIP or lumpsum transaction

If you want to convert your existing mutual fund from regular to direct, refer here

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