I'm unable to send messages to stocks-fundamentals channel on Discord. Why?

This is done to cull low-effort speculative queries on stocks. Share your thesis in the popular channels. You'd be able to earn the role to post in that channel.

NOTE: As of 1st April, 2021; we've opened this channel up for everyone on our Discord. It's our belief that the community now has enough guard-rails and helpful materials to fall back on, should anyone need help with discussing how to pick stocks. However, depending upon the situation, we may restrict the channel again to selected members of our community.

This channel is meant for sharing fundamental analysis on a business that you're tracking. It has a higher bar for participation, as compared to other channels here.

We want to weed out low effort queries on specific stock - should I buy ITC, should I sell Y now that it has given me 30% return etc.

We expect that not everyone would be able to participate there. If you're not sure about how to go about that, read the pinned messages in that channel, to skill up. We are also working on our wiki that should give you right exposure to areas you need.

If you've a thesis for investing in a company, or not investing, for that matter - please share those in #general-talk or #ask-us-any-question first.

We evaluate these from time to time, and if your comments here on the server meet the bar, you'd be granted that role.

This is a privilege, and you've to earn it.

For more information on how to analyze businesses or sectors, check our this corner of our wiki

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